Saturday, 8 January 2011

Talking about a revolution

'Don't you know, Im talking about a revolution, it sounds like a whisper..'- Tracy Chapman

I've been thinking a lot about church recently and how so often it has turned into a meeting. It is something we go to, we have legalistic types who have invented dresscodes for church and other pieces of nonesense. We have more modernisers trying to turn the idea of church into a disco with better lights, smoke machines and kickass bands- they say they are just 'doing church differently.'

God never called us to do church. Never. He called us to be the church. My Pastor recently said something along the lines of when we be the church the kingdom of God is built, but when we do church people just get left out. And it is so true.

If we are the church then it cant have dresscodes, it cant have lights- it can just have people.

I'm not saying we dont have buildings- The early church met in the temple for large meetings but they done so for convenience. The Church building is not God's house it is just a rain shelter. God lives in the Church- The Christians.

So how do we be the church?

We must meet up with fellow christians as often as possible, preferablly daily. We must give to the poor and needy. (Acts 2:44-47)

We must preach the gospel to eachother and to others (Mark 16:15) - This is where our sunday meetings come in. They are to equip the church. Not to be the church. If you aren't gonna be Gods church during the week, then don't come in to learn how to on a sunday- you are wasting your time, and think twice about taking communion.

We must be loving but disciplined. (Ephesians 5:2-5)

We must pray always- (1 Thessalonians 5:17) the 24/7 prayer movement has been awakening a passion for prayer in many of our churches.

We must take part in social action-( James 2:26)

And we can dream big, knowing God is in control and can do more than we could ever dream.

Now imagine if we got this, if we each as christians. as the church acted like the Church. The Underground church in China are doing it... Christians in the Middle East are, I have read books of communities in America living this out, And have spoken to many people here in little Northern Ireland about it and they feel the same. Little pockets of real, raw body of Christ church is springing up. Its up to you to join them... remember we are the church... Talking about a revolution, it sounds like a whisper....