Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hakuna Matata

I'm a thinker. My mind is always buzzing with thoughts about work, study, God and love. I'm currently sitting with a large cup of coffee thinking about what to write, how long it's been from I've blogged, how does my hair look. I'm thinking about how much I love Christmas and how I miss Heather when she is down in Belfast and I'm in Lurgan.

God can use thinkers, often my thoughts are full of dreams and ideas of how to further the kingdom and God can really use my thoughts.

However, sometimes my thinking is a hindrance. My mind wanders backwards through mirky thoughts to messy mistakes in my past. When my mind works like this and these thoughts prevade I find myself as the prophet Bono writes 'Stuck in a moment and I can't get out of it.'

I'm sure you have moments like this, where you remember what a mess you are and how you don't measure up to what you think God wants.

I've come to believe this isn't healthy. God doesn't want us stuck in a moment, because if we are we can't move forward into what God has for us now. In this moment.

In the book of Galatians Paul addresses some legalistic Jewish Christians who point to the law that God gave Moses and they tell the new Christians that they have to follow this law in regards to what they can eat and circumcision. (ouch...)

But Paul writes to that church and addresses these guys and says no. No. No.

Paul says to them wait a minute guys, we weren't saved by obeying laws, we knew we were guilty because of the law. Jesus came and lived that life we couldn't live, then dies to take the punishment so we wouldn't have to and no through Him we are reconnected to God.- Thats the Gospel. (Now that's my own paraphrase read the letter yourself for Paul's words)

So what about our dwelling on the past? God says to leave the thoughts there. Well not just leave them there, leave them with Him at the cross. Because there they were dealt with so we could leave in freedom. He took on our failure so we could escape it. No he just wants us to love him, leave for him and tell everyone about him. And when we fail to, leave it with God and move on and thank God for the cross.

Hope this was helpful.


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