Friday, 17 September 2010

7 Queens Place

There are some times in you're life that change your life forever and that you will remember. I am 20 years old and have a few of these times already: My trip to Uganda this past summer, My trips I have made to London with CEF, My time in Lurgan College. However for the past year I have experienced one of those journeys that help define you. I moved out of my family home to live with Chris McCune in 7 Queens Place. Now a year on I am moving home! (Mum's are very persuasive, houses are very dear and Chris is moving back to Belfast so it was inevitable) However, The Past year has changed me, made me laugh, made me cry, help me grow as a person and I will always remember.

I hope to someday write a book aout the journey I went on from 2009-2010 but just incase that never happens I will write this blog entry.

So I moved in in september and was a different person than I am now, Even to look at. I had this strange idea that tracksuit tops were cool to wear everyday, I had strange hair and I was unaware at the time perhaps but I was quite unhappy.

Lesson 1 I learned in the house was be yourself. Chris told me that I didnt dress like me, I dressed like Liam Gallagher and that was because i was trying to be him. I remember Chris told me often how different people had influence on his thinking, humor and stuff and these people ranged from the band Creed to Austin Powers, I guess I knew that I had loads of people who I had admired and looked at and was frustrated at my own lack of self so tried to be someone else. Chris told me one night I needed to find out who i was and be him. So now look at the top pictures again thats me. Big Glasses, Shirt all buttoned up, Funny quiff, thats me that is! haha, However being yourself is more than what you look like, this year I have thought deeply into who I am, why i dream what i dream, why I think what I think and questioned is my way of thinking always right. Being too inward can kill you but if you can't look inwardly and know who you are and what you believe then you need to ask how long am i going to wander through life not even knowing myslef.
lesson number 2 I learned was look after yourself. One early night in the house I was on my own and heard my bin in my kitchen falling over- INTRUDER I thought and i rang Timmy Johnson to see if he could come in and protect me. when i went down it turned out my bin had actually just fallen over. Since then I have had to learn to do with noises. I like to think I have became more domestic this year, I still cant cook and cant clean yeah, but I know where to buy cheap waffles and finally know how to work the oven!! it is a start. One night during the summer I was in bed and Chris was downstairs with his girlfriend Helen so i knew i was in company and safe and went straight to sleep, this taught me something the ultimate way to look after yourslef is to surround yourself with people. i think thats why jesus wanted us all to love eachother, so we could all just stay together in community and sleep easy!

Lesson 3- Fall in love, Live your story! As I said before I remember one night with Chris and his girlfriend- yes GIRLFRIEND! Me and Chris were very single when we moved in and often discussed how we were the dangerous boys girls could flirt with but would never be able to commit to because they want safe boys. Now we both got the GFs! Chris taught me to go for it with girls even if you think you have no chance- Just live your story if the story is the girl laughs at you and you look a fool thats cool, roll on the next story but you never know when the girl will say yes, or you will get the job, or whatever it is you are going for just go for it! We went for it this year- girls, gigs, blogs etc!

Lesson 4- Friends are what makes life so good! I love my friends and this year they have filled my house and my heart with laughter, whether it is our X factor nights last year, our erm 'christmas party' Jordy and I organised for the 5 guests, DVD nights with everyone or whatever we have had a good time, My friend Matthew has had to stay many a night to watch me to make sure i dont have mental breakdowns in hard times and he came to comfort or celebrate with me after my driving test fail and pass i had in the house! Patrick one night was locked out of his house with no key but he knew my door would be open and he could stay!

So yeah- It has been good and the house has had a lot of guests and I loved it, So thanks to Chris for a great year and all my regular visitors Steve I, Pat, Dicky, Phil, Gareth, Jordy etc. 

I'm on a journey.....

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