Monday, 31 May 2010

31 Songs: I Will Rise

I willl finish this 31 songs I am determined!

Ok todays song : I will rise- Chris Tomlin.

Just before Easter 2009 my friends Pat, Jordy, Timmy and myself went away to sleep in a tent on a beach. While there we prayed, laughed and talked about how we felt God calling us to something deeper. We then began to have a thing called BoB (band of brothers) where we would pray for eachother and stuff. It came out of this trip. It eventually withered and died and I think never fulfilled its potential. But on that trip I felt God calling me to something deeper. And While we sat ariund a fire with music on this is the song that played. And it will forever remind me God has called me for more. And when I hear it I will always pray for the BoB.

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