Monday, 31 May 2010

31 Songs: I Will Rise

I willl finish this 31 songs I am determined!

Ok todays song : I will rise- Chris Tomlin.

Just before Easter 2009 my friends Pat, Jordy, Timmy and myself went away to sleep in a tent on a beach. While there we prayed, laughed and talked about how we felt God calling us to something deeper. We then began to have a thing called BoB (band of brothers) where we would pray for eachother and stuff. It came out of this trip. It eventually withered and died and I think never fulfilled its potential. But on that trip I felt God calling me to something deeper. And While we sat ariund a fire with music on this is the song that played. And it will forever remind me God has called me for more. And when I hear it I will always pray for the BoB.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

31 Songs: River


My second Bluetree song that I am writing about. I first heard this at gLo in easter 2008 and Have loved the song since then. The chorus especially brings me hope:

Death to the past it's gone
and heres to a new beginning
Our God's not finished yet with us

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

31 Songs: Samson

Sorry It's been so long, lets get regular again! I will try for everyday but let me off over weekends OK? haha

Ok this song is beautiful- listen to it please :)

I fell in love with it a few years ago becuase basically its great. I think this song really is about Regina finding a man who was willing to be weak and open to her. After all, Samson knew all his strength came from his hair. The image of him loving a woman so much that he let her cut his hair is powerful because he would be so vunerable. I think many women wish that men would more often let down their machismo guards and reveal themselves...

anyway thats not why it is on this list.

It isa here because my sister grace introduced me to the song and it reminds me that I have a great sister. i don't normally say this and she doesn't normally introduce me to cool music but once she did. and I'm greatful. ashe had it on a CD in her car I think, and she used to drive me around all the time and for that I'm greatful.
So listen to the beautiful song, feel whatever you want to feel. But also listen to some other song someone in your family introduced you to, or one that reminds you of someone in your family and be thankful for them, and if you are really brave- tell them.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

31 Songs: God Of This City

Okay, todays song is Christian and it is like the christian cliched anthem of the past few years so I am aware many peoples lives have been touched by this song... anyway first watch the video...

So here is the story. In the summer of 2008 I went on a small team to East London and done kids bible clubs with CEF and fell in love with the place. I felt a real strong connection with the place straight away, the streets, the people, the smell of the air- everything. I prayed all year after for that City and went back with a larger group with CEF in Summer 2009 to do the same thing. However, God never does the same thing does he, he always wants to do more and more. The greater things are always yet to come with him. So last Summer again God broke my heart for the city and its children, God made me weep for the people in London and made me fall in love with the church there. this song became my prayer for that city.

Listen to it, reflect upon it, and may it be your prayer for your town, city or situation too.

today is May the 5th, an important day in politics, governments may change, and you should all go vote to have your say, but remember real change for your town will come with prayer and will not come from a man in a suit but when we fall down on our knees at the cross.