Monday, 19 April 2010

31 Songs

Ok, so today I was talking to two people about music and what music I like and what they like. I think It reveals alot about you. However as i told them I was a fan of Atomic Kitten and Kym Marsh it sometimes leads people to believe you just have no taste. And Maybe I don't. However, the author Nick Hornby once wrote a book called 31 songs. It was a collection of essays about favourite songs of his, why he liked them and what emotional ressonance they had with him. I am going to very much steal his idea. For the next 31 days i will post a new blog about one of my 31 songs which i have carefully picked as 31 songs that have in some way shaped, directed or soundtracked my life. Some will be christian songs, others won't. anyway let's get started...

1. One Hundred Hours- Love Rescue Me

So why this song? I knew the band one hundred hours were coming to a gig held by Megalife in 2008 so i decided to download their albums. I had a little listen to them and thought they were Ok. However between downloading them and seeing the band perform I didn't listen to them again. Their songs didn't really seem to resonate with me at all. However a few months later that October I was having quite a hard time ( in retrospect I wasn't really I was having a pity party for myself after making my own silly mistakes,) and I had my iPod on shuffle one night in my bed and the lyrics started up:

'When I need someone to quiet my fears
Till the whispers inside me all disappear
And when I need someone to dry all my tears
I’ll wait for You yes I’ll wait for You..'

All of a sudden I felt a sort of comfort. The song spoke in depth to my heart that no matter what happens I have someone who cares for me, A love that rescues me and that love is God.

I remember i replayed and replayed the song again and again in my bed that night and felt a relief as i burried my head in my pillow and cried out to God. told him I needed his love to rescue me.

I have since sang the song many times when leading worship and like to think I introduced that song to a lot of people. Today I still often have to put it on, sit back and close my eyes and let the words wash over me. It is the most played song on my iPod, I don't have any tattoos but if I was to get one I think I would want it to be Love Rescue Me.

That is why it is one of my 31 songs.

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