Tuesday, 20 April 2010

31 Songs: You Could Be Happy

Ok, my second of my 31 songs is you could be happy by snow patrol. I again was not overly impressed by this song upon first listen. However I love the television show Gavin and Stacey and this song was in an episode where it all began to make sense. The song is directed to an ex or in Gavin and Stacey a distant partner. The songs is full of regret and heartache. However the song tells of how the ex made you happier than you'd been by far. It is a beautiful song. Shortly after I fell in love with it on Gavin and Stacey in 2008 I remember hurting someone pretty bad. I din't want them to hurt, I didn't want to be the cause of hurt. I remember walking down Lurgan Main street with my iPod in shortly after leaving this person sitting in a coffee shop and the iPod sang:

You could be happy and I won't Know, But You Weren't happy the day I watched You go..

I remember walking down the road and my heart echoed every word of the song.

Then I kind of forgot about it.

Until recently I began to rewatch every episode of Gavin and Stacey. Then when that episode came on again and the song started. I remembered the old emotional ressonace the song had with me. However as I listened and relistend to the song again and again recently it has become a song that doesn't remind me of anything bad, anything painful. It just reminds me of sitting on my couch with Gavin and Stacey on and everything in the world falling into place as it has been recently...

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