Saturday, 24 April 2010

31 Songs: Scared Of Falling


Okay, there is no youtube link for this song, but if you follow my above link you should be able to listen to it, if that fails go to brian Houstons myspace and its on the wee music player there:)

Anyway- Song 5 is Scared of Falling by Brian Houston.

Anyone who knows me well will probably have been expecting him to show up on this blog soon! I love Brian Houston and his music has influenced my own to a great extent. (http://www, But thi song has to be my favourite and it is one that evokes certain feelings each time I listen to it.

The song is about a relationship where the romance seems to be dying and the song is about being scared of falling out of love with someone and being scared they are falling out of love with you. There is no soppy love story I am going to tell ypou now about how I have experienced this. I just vivisly remember going to see Brian at Emmanuel Church in Lurgan in 2007 and him singing this song. It a perfect piece of music that I hold dear in my heart just for being beautiful.

The lines that get me each time:

Were you distracted by the facts of life?
While our romance was being sacrificed
like when we agreed to not send eachother valentines again cos it's a waste
and one turned up for you....

Oh my that gets me every time even as I type that I get goospebumps.
Such a simple line in a song but it reminds us not to get too busy with with life and take for granted the people we love.

Quite a simple one today... but seriously give it a listen.. it'll come back to you sometime and remind you to love...

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