Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Last Kiss

I Love films! I really like them girly romantic ones. One of my favourite films is The Last Kiss. It has so many great lines and scenes i could just write about on here forever. So I'm gonna do two blogs about it. here's the first! ok so in the last scene Michael is desperate to get his girlfriend back and will do anything to prove what he feels. So he waits outside her house for a few days until she speaks to him again. he doesn't leave. Day and night, rain or shine. Thats dedication. Thats love.

How many times do we tell people we love them when we don't? Or promise people we will do something and don't? or say we will do something and don't? promise ourselves something and don't see it through?
believe God tells us to do somehing and ignore him?

Lets be consistent, persistent and chase after the things we want. A bit more like michael. Need some inspiration? watch him!

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