Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Why We Should Flash At Girls...

I was at my great uncles funeral the other week, and something was said that really made me think. See he was pretty old, and when he was young they didn't have mobile phones, msn, skype, facebook and all the other great ways we have nowadays to stop ourselves from having to talk to people face to face. Don't worry though I'm not going to tell you what a great orrator he was and how we should all man up and talk to hot chicks face to face more ( cos i'm as awkward and scared as everyone else.) So yeah he had to find a way of communicating with my great auntie when they were in their seperate houses while they were courting ( whatever happened that word?) so as they lived across the road from eachother they used to flash their bedroom lights on and off at eachother and somehow communicated that way... now this got me thinking...

If i was flashing my bedroom light at some chick I think my friends would tell me I was a right weirdo. I'm pretty sure they would tell me it was no way to talk to a girl and I should man up. They would laugh and say I could 'rip myself out' if people found out.. I don't know if my Uncle Leslies friends said that to him, because it doesn't matter if they did. He got the girl, they fell in love, got married, had kids, grandkids etc... because he flashed his light at her!

I think in our generation ( i hate that phrase, very pretentious sounding like I think I'm Ghandi or Mandella or One of So Solid Crew representing the people) people have this real fear of embarrising themselves. i know i do. We live in fear of being 'ripped out,' 'burnt,' 'scundered,' or whatever your circle of friends call it. And I don't think that's how God wants us to live our lives. I think we as Mr Springsteen says were 'born to run.'

In the Bible in the David and Golaith story we see David ran at him, took him on. He didn't think oh dear I could get ripped out (or ripped apart!) he just done it, as he knew God was with him. God had plans for him, God wanted him to live his story. (Thanks to Chris McCune's sermon for that Bible part...)

Yet today when we suggest anything 'radical' like going for a walk in the rain and people suggest that it is an awful idea we slide down in our chair and grunt back about how we didn't want to really go anyway. We are scared to live, to be, to dream, to do anything that people don't agree with en masse.

But that is not how we should do it! No way! I'm tired of doing it that way! Lets walk in the park in the rain! lets have a beer with breakfast! Lets turn up at the girl of our dreams house at 3am and sing her a song in her garden with a full band and not be embarrased! lets do it!! that is the life I wanna live.. lets do it eh?

so hey lets live the story and flash at girls :)

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