Saturday, 2 January 2010

Lust of the Libertines

The Libertines are one of my favourite bands. They are a band that I would say would feature on my lifes soundtrack to the past decade. However I've been thinking a lot about the heroes I have and thinking why are they my heroes what is it I love about these people?
I Love Pete Doherty of the aforementioned Libertines. I love Russell Brand. I Love Liam Gallagher.

I was thinking what is it that corralates with my heroes? I thought I had it- Dark hair.
Then i began to think a little more about it. They are all people who have managed to muck up majorly. In the public eye. tabloids have their tag-lines for them. Pete Doherty is described as 'Junkie Poet,' like that is an official job title. Like you can go on recruit NI and apply to be a Junkie Poet.

Pete's first big band where called The Libertines. The dictionary defines a libertine as:
One who acts without moral restraint; a dissolute person.

I'm attracted to that.

His current band are called Babyshambles. A name that suggests frailty and shambolicness.. if that is a word. I'm attracted to that.

so why am i so attracted to reckless abondon? to majorly mucking up in front of everyone and then sneer at them like liam gallagher, and declare to them as Russell Brand would This is Me.

I think I'm attracted to it because it is easy. Mess up in front of the world. Give in to my wants. Show the world I'm a walking talking mental breakdown and then thats how i will be tagged with no responsibility.

Jesus doesn't want to stop us listening to great music. I don't think Jesus is upset if we wear fred perry shirts and have a good haircut. But Jesus doesn't want us to sell ourselves short. To be a walking talking shamble. He wants us to be the light of the world. He wants us to have life to the full. he wants us to live in his glorious light and rescue us from the darkness. he sees us in our mess and doesn't want us to stay there he wants to lift us out.

But it isn't easy. Being a libertine is.

Rockstar Alice Cooper became a christian and said this:
“Drinking bear is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's rebellion.”

To quote a band a lot less cooler than the libertines (coldplay)

'Nobody said it was easy..'


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