Thursday, 10 December 2009

Twenty Four

No man is an island. That's aphrase someone said once and people thought it was cool so people say it now like it means something. Well whatever, if i was an island I think I know what my National Anthem would be. Twenty Four by Switchfoot. The Part:

I want to see miracles, see the world change
Wrestled the angel, for more than a name
For more than a feeling
For more than a cause
I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You

I guess that's what I want. I think lots of people want it. People like me, struggling throught their own thoughts, trying to follow their heart and their God and work out which parts meet botht those requirements, which don't and live in the tension of that.

I do wan't to see miracles.

I wan't to change the world in a small bit.

I desire purpouse, meaning and direction.

I need these things. And I guess the christian thing to say is I find them all in God. That's great. In theory. But I live in reality. And I'm still on a journey to find them. Who wants to join me?


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