Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Public Speaking

Ok, i go to the Irish Baptist Bible College and every Wednesday we have a public speaking class where we just have to practice addressing audiences. Last week we were told to try and come up with something serious to say. So this week I shared the things about the modern day church that frustrate me. It felt good. So now I want to share these with everyone

It frustrates me when helping the community is dismissed as being just a 'social gospel'.
It annoys me when all successful american pastors are scrutinised until we can find fault with thme, point the finger and declare them a heretic.
It frustrates me when we create a hierarchy of sin. One that accepts the gkutons, the gossips and the liars but dismisses the homosexuals, the alcoholics... because we feel they aren't as worthy as us.
It kills me when we use love as currency. Loving only those who act, talk, think and dress like us and we withold it from those who don't.
It hurts mewhen secterianism makes it to the pulpit.
It frustrates me when we think 'morality' just means homosexuality and abortion and we fail to think about peace, poverty, justice.
It annoys me when we focus on the fact we don't drink, don't smoke and don't swear but ignore all the things Jesus talked about.
It Frustrates me when we do a leaflet drop and think that is our outreach done. box ticked.
It annoys me when we ignore the poor, walk past the begging and tell tales of how they get picked up in flashy cars later. they don't.
I find it annoying when after a big event where lots of people come to Christ we say they got 'saved' in inverted commas. As if their salvation isn't as good as ours.
It annoys me when we use war metaphor as if we are at war with alcoholics, abortionists and homosexuals, and do not see our enemy is the sin that binds them.
It annoys me when we think God is on 'our side' in wars we fight. That God is a western God. God loves the WORLD.

It Frustrates me, when I'm Guilty of these things.

It Frustates God.

Amen MK

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