Tuesday, 1 September 2009

London Calling

Well.. I am back from my week in London. With so much on my mind and yet not a lot to type. words don't quite cover what happened me over there. I prayed on the first day God would break my heart into a million pieces. He did. I always expected him too. Just forgot it was gonna hurt. So now I'm sitting a home, with a heart breaking for the people of London. For the kids, the teenagers, the churches, the alcoholics at bus stops. Everyone I came into contact with and everyone i didn't. God really does have more for nondon and for me. but what?

Well I had my interview with Irish baptist College today. hopefully starting my theology degree next year. So I am here in Lurgan for 3 years at least. For three years I can give myself fully to God and to lurgan. But at the minute im asking myslef does God want me to go serve him in London... and waiting on his answer is wrecking my brain... but i guess his answer may wreck more.

If you want a safe and easy life don't ask God to break your heart into a million pieces. if you want the best life..do.