Monday, 29 June 2009

Light, God and beauty on the open road

I am calling my first post 'Light, God and beauty on the open road' as it is the subtitle to the amazing book 'Through Painted Deserts' by Donald Miller (My favourite author,) in his book he retells of a time he went on a long roadtrip and discovered there is more to life than 9 to 5 jobs and church on a sunday but in fact there was life to be lived, beauty to be discovered and a God to know and to search for.

I'm going tomorrow on a roadtrip around Ireland with my wingman Gareth Hanna. (ok, he's driving so i'm the wingman..but this is MY blog!) It could be a great time to laugh and see a few sights and i hope we will do both. But i guess I'm hoping for more. I always am. I really want God to show up in a big way. Take me comfortable christianity and turn it on its head.

Tonight I was out with Timmy Johnson talking about God and his will for our lives and its exciting but very scary. We both feel God is calling us to do great things for him and he is inspiring dreams and ideas but we don't quite know how these will look when lived out yet but i guess we are juat at the tip of the most exciting part of our lives..

So tomorrow im going to Ireland to see sights and have a laugh but i guess I want it to be a time where i see God. In the beauty of nature, in the people around me, in Gareth. In Me.


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